Best Skin Treatments for Darker Skin

Best Skin Treatments for Darker Skin

October 1, 2021

Anyone thinking dark skin treatments is superficial must reconsider their thoughts. The results these treatments deliver depend on various factors expanding beyond skin type and elements not considered as the skin’s color. Many people are surprised when getting one treatment to hear they will need additional treatments over an extended period because they have a darker complexion.

People with dark complexions without exposure to cosmetic procedures may become overwhelmed when informed the outcome of the treatment they are receiving would adversely affect the treatment results. Therefore it can be confirmed that your complexion has a significant role in the results of specific procedures where lasers are prominently used.

Why Various Complexions Require Specific Treatments?

Dark skin absorbs more energy, especially with lasers and other technology delivering adverse outcomes on darker complexions. Dark skin is prone to developing hyperpigmentation, irregular pigmentation besides hypopigmentation, while lighter skin types don’t absorb energy responding directly to the treatment.

Over the last decade, things have changed considerably to make available traceless cosmetic treatments for darker complexions besides a choice of lasers and micro-needling radio-frequency devices helpful to treat dark skin types with negligible or minimal side effects besides the ever-present diode and alexandrite lasers carrying a risk of changes to the pigment of the skin.

Various providers are using different lasers which they feel or adequate for dark skin treatment. However, questions have been raised about which laser is the best to treat dark skin. Experts believe dark-skinned people must avoid energy-based treatments and rely on peel’s, skincare, and at-home dermal rolling. Some remedies suggested by experts are the following:

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels help treat darker skin complexions for pigmentation, pores, and dark spots. Chemical peels contain retinol, vitamins C, Kojic acid, hydroquinone, and licorice root for skin lightening, brightening, and anti-aging. People with dark skins can use the chemical peels every month or two to brighten their skin tone without the fear of damaging skin pigment, unlike other chemical peels.

Micro-Needling with Radio-Frequency

People with dark complexions looking for advanced rejuvenation treatments can consider micro-needling with radio-frequency therapies available to work from beneath the surface of the skin and act as an alternative for energy-based therapies. Devices used in these treatments utilize plated needles to penetrate the skin to deliver energy under the surface. Micro-needling and radio-frequency therapies are used to address pigmentation, acne scars, treating fine wrinkles on darker skin types, and even help tighten the skin.

The YAG Laser

Laser hair removal seems like a straightforward process for people with lighter skins. However, people with a darker complexion can confuse the laser to treat the skin instead of the hair because the lasers target the dark pigment. The YAG laser treatment is an excellent alternative to conventional hair removal lasers because it flashes rapidly and only functions on the hair follicles instead of the upper surface of the skin. Therefore, the YAG laser is an excellent hair removal option for people with dark complexions, especially for African and South Asian skin tones.

Salt Facial

Salt facials use sea salt to pressurize the skin to decrease acne scars and promote exfoliation besides smooth pores and fine lines. Salt facials are safe for darker skin types because the treatments are nonenergy and non-heat-based resurfacing therapies. Salt facials exfoliate the outer layers of the skin while depositing customized serums into the skin using LED therapy to decrease inflammation. Dark-skinned people can use these features every month to maintain youthful and rejuvenated skin.

Earlier cosmetic procedures of any kind were not designed for people with dark skin. Fortunately, the stage has now arrived when no one can discriminate between lighter and darker skins. Therefore if you are concerned about whether your darker skin complexion is appropriate for a specific procedure, put those concerns behind your back because the time has arrived for your skin to shine just like everyone else.

Before you approach any provider to lighten your skin, ensure you contact the experts at Valley Laser and Skin to consult whether a specific treatment is suitable for your skin type or not. Please do not accept the view of any provider who claims they can lighten your skin and make it look better without thoroughly inquiring into the provider’s credentials. If you must entrust your skin to any therapist offering skin treatments, you had better be sure you are dealing with an experienced practitioner and none other.