Are you unhappy with or self-conscious about your eyelashes? Valley Laser and Skin offers Latisse in Wenatchee, WA, for patients with hypotrichosis or inadequate eyelash growth. Contact Corinne Wei, ARNP, and our professional team at US MedSpa for an appointment regarding Latisse near you!

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is the brand name for a prescription medication called bimatoprost. Applying Latisse regularly along the upper eyelid lash line encourages the growth of longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. Daily use for at least two months will produce full results, and the aesthetics of your eyelashes will be maintained with continued use of Latisse. If you interrupt the treatment of this medication, your eyelashes will return to their natural state. It’s important for patients to realize that Latisse is only meant to be used for the upper eyelids and should not be applied to the lower eyelids.

Benefits of Latisse

Patients notice many benefits when using Latisse for their eyelashes. The treatment is easy to apply each day and takes effect within about 16 weeks. In addition, patients who wear contact lenses or glasses can use Latisse. Our professional staff will ensure that you have thorough instructions for the careful application of this treatment for optimal results.

Another benefit of using Latisse for darker and thicker eyelashes is that patients can discontinue the use of mascara, false eyelashes, or eyelash extensions. Latisse allows for a more natural look to your eyelashes that enhances your beauty without the need for numerous cosmetic products. This saves time each day and costs over time. In addition, these treatments often contain chemicals in the makeup or application glue that can be harsh. Patients can eliminate the step of applying makeup or false eyelashes from their daily routine with Latisse, in addition to eliminating the need for touch-ups or spare applications.

If you are interested in longer, darker, and fuller eyelashes in your upper eyelids, Corinne Wei, ARNP, and US MedSpa have solutions, such as Latisse near you. Contact our office for more information or to book a consultation appointment. We look forward to enhancing your appearance and self-confidence!