Erbium Resurfacing

Erbium Resurfacing in Wenatchee, WA

One of the more exciting skin resurfacing laser treatments currently available, erbium resurfacing is a safe procedure that vaporizes damaged skin cells at the surface level. Erbium Laser may be used to treat  the face, hands, neck and chest. Additionally, erbium resurfacing causes minimal side effects often associated with laser treatment such as swelling, bruising, and redness, and has a relatively quick recovery time.

Erbium Resurfacing in Less than an Hour

The typical treatment time for partial areas of the body with erbium resurfacing takes less than an hour. Most patients who want to receive treatment for their full face should plan to spend up to two hours at Valley Laser and Skin, but we’ll provide you with a more precise estimated time for your treatment during your consultation.  

Post Procedure

We will provide you with aftercare instructions for you to follow at home.  Typically, post-procedure protocol includes keeping the area clean and protected by applying an ointment that we will provide in order to keep the skin moistened and flexible as it heals. Most patients see complete healing anywhere between 7-14 days, and should continue to limit time in the sun for several weeks afterward. Always use a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen for your most healthy and youthful looking complexion.  

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