Skin Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Skin Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Wenatchee, WA

Do you have some freckles or dark spots on your body that have caused you to feel less confident in your appearance? Have you tried over-the-counter (OTC) products to treat the condition known as skin hyperpigmentation, but you’re dissatisfied with their over-promised performance? If so, you’ll discover that skin hyperpigmentation treatment near you from our Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) at Valley Laser Center might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Professional Skin Hyperpigmentation Treatment

In addition to proven results against skin hyperpigmentation that professional laser treatment provides, you’ll notice two additional benefits. First, results are faster than OTC products; and second, because the results are faster, the treatment protocol is more cost-effective than spending countless dollars on repeat purchases of creams and gels that can take months (or longer) to work. We have several laser treatments that can correct skin hyperpigmentation, such as Intense Pulse Laser Therapy (IPL) and laser peels, to name a few. Our ARNP will discuss which method is best suited for your type of discoloration, as well as the location of the areas to be treated. Since we have a full suite of laser treatments available for skin hyperpigmentation near you, we can even combine therapies to create a treatment plan that is the safest and most effective for your areas of concern. For example, we will use more gentle lasers on the facial and décolletage area than we will if you also want to include treatment for skin hyperpigmentation on your hands or arms.

The Takeaway to Take Away Dark Spots

The term hyperpigmentation is a medical term that describes dark patches of skin. Since hyperpigmentation is recognized as a medical condition, doesn’t it make sense to turn to professional treatment instead of relying on home remedies or the advertised claims of OTC products which can sometimes cause additional skin concerns? If you agree that you’d like to finally take control of the appearance of your skin, we invite you to make an appointment now to learn more about the full suite of services provided at Valley Laser Spa.