July 1, 2021

Having pretty skin that glows is a beautiful thing, but using products that don’t compliment your skin will always go wrong later. Our skin reacts to what we use on it and how we care for it. Knowing the best product to make use of for a nice skin tone is important and will save you from a lot of skin issues. This is why we need to know the difference between tiring our skin out with the wrong products and blending our skin tone with the right products. Therefore, we would be looking at the difference between a skin whitener and a skin brightener.

Body whitening and body brightening are skin products used to enhance or change the natural skin color to a whiter or brighter color. However, they both differ in terms of enhancement and the products themselves.

The term “skin whitening” refers to the use of skincare products to not only whiten darker areas in the body but whiten the whole body. This occurs when a person desires to look whiter than their natural skin tone. Body whitening products work on stopping the production of melanin, and then the existing melanin turns into a brighter color. According to research, body whitening can cause several health conditions related to it over time and do not last cause as you advance in age, the downsides of the products begin to act more on your skin. Also, body whitening products contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your health if they are used for a longer period. For instance, hydroquinone, one of the major ingredients that are being used in body whitening products, can be poisonous to the kidney, skin, and liver. Some skin cancer cases have been linked to the use of body whitening products. Many dermatologists don’t recommend the use of body whitening products.

On the other hand, “Skin brightening” is different from body whitening products. It works on darker areas of the body caused by sunspots, acne, scars, discolorations caused by age, and other factors. Body brightening products focus on restoring your skin and enhancing the color of your skin with ingredients that can be gotten from natural sources. The main work of a body brightener is to make your original skin color glow and sparkle. They revivify your skin surface by taking out the old skin cells that stop the new skin cells from coming out. Unlike body whitening products that make use of hydroquinone and mercury, the ingredients in body brightening products include vitamin C, plant-based retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and kojic acids.

In other words, whitening products are made for changing the natural color of skin and making your skin whiter even when you’re darker. Brightening products, on the other hand, maintain your original color by reviving your skin from unhealthy skin issues and returning your skin to its active natural form.

However, always see your dermatologist or seek advice from authorized skin experts before making use of skin products you know nothing about.

What Can I Use to Brighten My Skin?

As previously stated in this article, plant-based retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, kojic acids, and vitamin C can be used to brighten the skin. What is important is that you stay away from products that have hydroquinone in them. It will also interest you to know that applying your body brightening products at night is the best. That way you’re not exposed to so much sunlight that might cause the products to work slowly.

What Is the Best Skin Brightener?

Various body brightening products are up to the task. However, not all body brightening products might work for the same skin. So, you should seek the advice of a dermatologist. However, Vitamin C is a commendable body brightening agent. It restores your skin from the damages caused by UV exposure and skin issues. It is best to make use of serums that has Vitamin C in them.

What Is the Best Natural Skin Brightener?

Most body brightening products are made out of natural ingredients. There are various natural ingredients that you can use to brighten your skin. Most importantly, it is advisable that you know what works for you and always seek advice from authorized skin experts cause your body might be allergic to some natural ingredients. According to research, papaya, orange, honey, lemon, aloe vera, turmeric, and cucumber are natural that can maintain and help the skin fight against early aging skin issues and other skin problems like acne, sunspots, and hyperpigmentation. However, some people might show negative reactions to some natural ingredients. This is why you should always know what works for you and seek medical advice from qualified skin doctors.