We Have Effective Treatments Fror Melasma

Melasma is a common skin condition characterized by the appearance of brown or blue-gray patches, often resembling freckle-like spots, on the skin. This condition is primarily observed on the face, including areas such as the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and can also occur on the neck and forearms. Melasma occurs due to the overproduction of skin cells responsible for skin coloration. It’s sometimes referred to as the “mask of pregnancy.” While generally harmless, melasma can be bothersome cosmetically. It’s associated with factors such as hormonal changes, sun exposure, genetics, and certain medications. Although melasma can fade on its own after a few months, various treatments are available to help manage and reduce its appearance.  At Valley Laser and Skin, we offer various treatments to address melasma:

NeoSkin: A laser treatment that targets pigmentation irregularities, promoting even skin tone.

VI Peel: Chemical peel that exfoliates the skin, reducing pigmentation and promoting renewal.

DefenAge: Skincare products designed to enhance skin texture and tone, helping to improve melasma.

ZO Skin Health: Advanced skincare solutions to manage pigmentation issues, including melasma.

Microdermabrasion: A non-invasive exfoliation procedure to improve skin texture and tone.

These treatments aim to reduce melasma’s appearance by addressing pigmentation irregularities, promoting skin renewal, and enhancing overall skin health. Our experts tailor these services to your specific needs, providing effective options for managing melasma and achieving a more radiant complexion.