Sexual Wellness

Restore Hormonal Balance

Female sexual wellness encompasses various aspects of a woman’s sexual health and well-being, promoting emotional and physical satisfaction. It involves open communication about sexual needs, which enhances the intimacy between partners and contributes to overall fulfillment. Factors such as physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social elements influence sexual health. 

At Valley Laser and Skin, we offer various services to address these concerns. Biote hormone pellet therapy can help restore hormonal balance, addressing desire and function issues. The O-shot enhances sexual response and satisfaction through platelet-rich plasma injections. CO2 Laser with Phoenix-15 rejuvenates vaginal tissue, improving tightness and lubrication. Vaginal Rejuvenation further enhances vaginal health and function. Our tailored treatments prioritize women’s sexual health to ensure a fulfilling and confident intimate experience.